Mobile-centric solution for B2B commerce. B2C-like experience. Scalable.

Harmonize complex B2B features & functions

Unify diverse roles, systems and data resourses to create automated process and
work flows on one centralized-data platform
img Complete ERP system
for centralized-data management
img Fulfill orders
for Sales Rep
img Sell on the go with
Mobile Ordering app
img Reporting app
for business owners

No more paperworks or excel files

All inputs can be stored in one place & updated in sync.
Get access to accurate information, secure your customer info & reduce manual works.

Expand your business with no fear!

B2B transactions can be done without a live sales rep as B2B buyers experience a self-service mobile commerce.
Fast-growing business can ease the works with our scalable cloud database system.

Satisfy long-term customers & boost sales

Using Retalo will give you a modern and continuously updated system. Custom store view, personalize product catalogs and pricing. Your customers will love you for it!

One solution. All roles covered

Designed for specific roles in your business. No function is left untouched.

Your B2B Buyers

Custom product catalog, and personalized pricing & promotion for each of your customers. No more paper works.
B2B buyers will experience online ordering in the most secure, fast and convenient way.

B2B Buyers App

  • Seamless buying experience
  • Quick order and re-oders
  • Customer access capacity
  • Personalized buying experience
  • Convenient payment and invoice
  • Product details and search tool

Ecommerce Manager

With the centralized database, ecommerce manager can efficiently optimize inventory and pricing to deliver goods in time and satisfy customers with a reasonable price.

Ecommerce Manager

  • Manage product & pricelist
  • Manage company information
  • Manage promotion
  • Inventory management

Sales Representative

Sales people can quickly develop accurate quotes for customers.
Leverage sales with re-order and quick order for repeating requests.

Sales Representative

  • Manage customer accounts
  • Manage sales orders
  • Manage Billing
  • Manage Payment

Business Owner

Retalo B2B Report is an cutting-edge app tailored-made for business owner to see the big picture in a glance.
Let's take more informed decisions with powerful insights.

Business Owner

  • Sales Analytics
  • Billing Analytics
  • Promotion Analytics
  • Stock Analytics

Your Brand. Your App. No Installation.
Fully Centralized Data In One Complete Cloud-Based ERP System

Magento Omnichannel retail software

Strengthen key customer relationships for better B2B selling

Satisfy your buyers with a convenient experience on our Progressive Web Ordering App, then enhance their engagement with your business by powerful promotions empowered by a strong ERP.
Imagine cloning your best sales associates over and over. That's what Retalo platform can do for your business.
omnichannel solution for magento retail business

Boost order fulfillment process with scalable ERP data management system

Reduce the cost to server any given customer by offering self-service ordering on the mobile app and effortlessly fulfilled by internal customer service representatives, or salespeople.
Retalo with a complete and scalable ERP platform will make complex B2B sales simple for products and services. Your B2B buyers will experience a quick, efficient digital purchasing on mobile/tablet just like B2C customers.
Omnichannel retail software for B2B sales

Make Informed Decisions with Insightful Reports

Whether your purpose is to gather all detailed information to track the success of daily changes or a summary of key metrics to have a clear picture of business performance, Retalo selects the most appropriate metrics for your business and produce informed reports.
No more guessing and making up wrong business decisions. Choose the right tool, save time, and move your B2B business forward.


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