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10 Years in Magento
Agile Mindset & Process
Transparent & Collaborative
A Magestore Company

``Already we are able to do many more things than we were in the past with our previous software``

Running 11 Stores is not easy for my team. Together with my developers fellows, we have researched a lot of options and finally, we found Magestore Solution and their great development team (Retalo.io) To face up with Covid-19 crisis, they help our business to launch CURBSIDE PICKUP in just 2 weeks. That's amazing and our customers are appreciated!

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Retail Operation is not that messy. Find a better way for yourself, your team and your customers with us.

What our customers are saying about us

Already we are able to do many more things than we were able to do in the past with our previous software. I love the fact that everything we require for the business is cloud based. No servers at the stores.

Greg Penno

Owner of Mr. Pet's chain

I just believe in this solution and I’m really excited about the future with it. I think that Magento is one of the big players. I really believe in the direction that Magento is going and Retalo too.


UpperLimit's Store Owner

The system they created for us saves our time and costs. We never have out of stock anymore... As we never have out of stock anymore, our sales are increasing. We highly recommend Retalo for your business improvements.

Kam Chiu

Store Owner of Mobile Phone Accessories

Why choose Retalo?

The characteristics align with the culture we cultivate every day, which has direct impact on the outcomes of our clients.

10 Years in Magento

From the new born time till now, we live & breathe with Magento. We inspire retailers possibility with Magento. Deeply involving in Magento Community fosters better advices for the strategic & technical plan of our customers.

  • 10 Years in Magento
  • Agile Mindset & Scrum

    Things move fast in the e-commerce industry so we follow an iterative development process that ensures high quality in an agile way.

  • Agile Mindset & Scrum
  • Transparent & Collaborative

    Magento project is not that easy. We understand the value of transparency and strong collaboration with our customer, which makes them happy through continous improvement and feedback.

  • Transparent & Collaborative
  • A Magestore Company

    Inherited 10 years experience in Magento and our strong Omnichannel expertise, Retalo is our focus on a niche market – the business owners who desire to have a growing partner for implementation & managed services

  • A Magestore Company
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