Retailers are using the Pandemic Period to introduce Advanced Technologies

People are getting used to the new normal during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Countries gradually loosen their lockdown restrictions, physical stores are now open and introducing new technologies; it means that customers are about to get newer experience.

While it could be a sad truth that several physical stores have been negatively affected by the pandemic, and even have to files bankruptcy, some brands have taken advantage of the Covid-19 quarantine period to upgrade their internal systems or roll out new shopping technology to engage customers. Here are some examples:

1.      Asos turns to AR during the lockdown

Asos is using augmented reality (AR) to promote new products during the lockdown. The online fashion retailer will now digitally fit models with new clothes to circumvent the issue of models and photographers being stuck at home as well as consumers.

Developed in partnership with Zeekit, the technology enables consumers to see how items fit on models and means Asos can digitally fit six models in up to 500 products per week.

Asos started trialing the See My Fit system last year, but COVID-19 issues pushed it to accelerate the initiative.

2.      Decathlon rolls out mobile self-checkout

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Sporting goods retailer Decathlon is rolling out new mobile self-checkout technology across its 81 German stores.

MishiPay is already live in Decathlon Deutschland stores in Berlin (Berlin Hauptbahnhof), Munich (Munich Connect), Cologne (Marsdorf), Schwetzingen and Plochingen, with more locations being added every week.

With Decathlon Deutschland Scan & Gocustomers simply scan and pay for items using their smartphone, automatically disabling the RFID security tag to leave them free to exit the store, minimizing the need for contact with both humans and checkout devices, and improving levels of customer convenience.

Creating a market-leading frictionless customer experience has been a key objective for Decathlon Deutschland in recent years, and MishiPay is a strategic partner to bring the best of the online shopping experience to its offline stores.

The COVID-19 pandemic and need for social distancing measures in stores mean customers have also been provided with a convenient payment option using their own smartphone instead of relying on store hardware; enabling shoppers to use their own device for the entire shopping journey instead of needing to touch store hardware and eliminating the need to wait at checkout.

3.      Sonos boosts online sales capture

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Luxury speaker brand and retailer Sonos has improved audience targeting online with new technology.

Sonos had been falling victim to a consumer behavior known as ‘reverse showrooming’, where consumers research the product online and show intent to buy but would then require the tactile experience of seeing and testing the speakers in-store to complete a purchase.

In spite of efforts to expand its e-commerce footprint, Sonos found that it couldn’t convince customers to convert onsite rather than in-store – a particular problem with non-essential retail stores closed under UK lockdown.

Sonos partnered with BounceX to help them identify their online customers, determine where they were on their sales journey, and find ways to move them along the path to purchase.

Conversion path

BounceX’s targeted and personalised marketing solution has provided Sonos with the ability to identify customers’ onsite, understanding the conversion path and remarketing to consumers.

This has meant it could deploy additional onsite campaigns to improve customer experience and better nurture visitors, as well as brand appropriate email capture modals that grow its addressable database. Sonos saw a 12x return on spend and on-site identification rates rise significantly, to 21% of site traffic, aiding more productive retargeting and revenue capture efforts.

4.      Currys PC World delivers in-store shopping experience to quarantined customers

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Electronics retailer Currys PC World has announced a new partnership to help it bring the in-store experience to customers in COVID-19 lockdown.

It has teamed up with Go Instore to power the Currys PC World ShopLive experience enabling staff to work from home, serve customers remotely and support the transition of store re-openings as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

ShopLive is a video-powered retail service that connects website customers with product matched experts using immersive HD live video.

The ShopLive service also enables Currys PC World colleagues to work safely from home during the COVID-19 crisis and assist online customers with expert advice, both from the comfort of their own homes.


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