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Recently, I had a chance to get a dental-checkup to decide should I get braces in a few next years in a quite famous dental clinic and I’m quite surprised that their process is quite similar to our process in giving consultation and deploying a solution for clients. While the process of any orthodontic cases are published quite clearly, it seems that the process of discovering and deploying a solution is still vague with many people. Therefore, I would like to make a comparison here so you can understand the process clearly

1. An overview check-up of your current business operation:

Whatever channels I find this dental clinic (devour tons of information on website or merely get recommendation from friends without other info), in the first meeting, the doctor still need to know roughly about my current feeling about my teeth, problems, expectation then doctor will check roughly about the current issues. With our process, we also would love to hear as much as information from clients to understand client’s business operation, their obstacles to optimize it at best.

Afterwards, I was taken to have an X-ray so the doctor can have the detail document about different angles of my teeth with my bones, basically all necessary documents to design a suitable solution here. Similarly, based on each business operation, we sometimes need clients to provide more information such as their purchase orders, invoices, etc which are not standardized so we will not miss any information when designing an overview solution.

2. Pitch a solution

The doctors need to take a few days to read about all documents of my case, put data to a specialized software to calculate exactly the issues and the necessary adjustments, basically everything to have a full solution here. Sometimes, for the difficult cases, they will discuss with their team and more experienced experts to give the optimized solution. Similarly, in addition to the time to prepare the solution for each case, for some special businesses, we need to plan everything with our Magento experts to draft out a plan and get back to clients later.

In the pitching day, basically, we can give you the solution more specifically, indicate the improvements we can do and maybe, a few solutions that can be deployed along with risks and the fee (with my teeth case, doctor gave 2 solutions: tooth extraction and without extraction along with various options of braces type 🙂 )

3. Evaluation

I will take time to consider different solutions the doctor recommended and give feedbacks. The doctor can make suitable adjustment for the solution and recommendation here.

In our case, clients, of course, will have time to try the demo to come up with more questions and feedbacks here. We will try to make suitable adjustment to reach to client’s expectation and recommend the suitable steps here, including the deployment approaches: phases priority and timeline plan.

This step is very important because we can have you to got time to consider all other factors. For my orthodontic case, the dentist helps me to have all the necessary information and feel secure when deciding to perform orthodontic and it’s the same for our effort with client here.

4. Reserve the team and deploy solution

We will reserve the team based on the timeline we discussed and first come, first served rule to deploy the solution for client

5. Deploy solution

We will update data of client to system and invite all people from client’s side to join in Slack channels so that we can quickly assist clients here.

In my orthodontic treatment, I will need to go to the clinic weekly to have a check-up and have the suitable adjustment. The orthodontist will build and update the database of analytical follow-up throughout the orthodontic implementation frequently.

Similarly, with our client’s case, we will update everything to our system as well as our communication tool. We also have the secure tool to guarantee that all shared information is safe. Plus, we will schedule a weekly meeting to update client and make suitable adjustment (if arise) during our discussion. This follows AGILE process instead of old methodology in deploying solution: WATER FALL which is quite rigid and difficult to adjust when you only deliver the final product to customer at the end of the project.

6. Acceptance meeting

This actually belongs to deployment stage above but I would like to separate it as an independent section because of the importance. We will schedule the acceptance meeting to make sure that we deliver solution successfully and client understand how to use everything properly.

Emmy Le
A tech-lover and a data-driven business consultant who deploys disruptive innovations to Magento retailers in Omnichannel Age

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