Store PickUp Fulfilment in Covid-19


Mr. Pet’s - a 23 year pet supplies retail business is our iconic customer in Canada. He has built everything from scratch with Magento for the retail operation of 11 stores, 20.000 SKUs and up to 100 employees around Canada. During the pandemic Covid-19, it's lucky that sales is not down because of the pet food necessity. However, Mr.Pets is confronting with another challenge: A dramatic increase in sales, mostly for store pickup orders, 10 times higher than normal stage and their current system cannot afford to fulfill that much.

Client Overview
  • 11 stores
  • Canada
  • Pet Products
  • 20.000 SKUs
  • > 100 Employees
  • ~2000 orders per day

Curbside Pickup must be launched as fast as possible!

Mr.Pet's first came to Magestore for an integrated & Magento native POS system that use the same database for website 3 years ago. He never stops revolutionise his retail process with a lot of new ideas. That's why Retalo comes as his soulmate for all needs & wants of business optimisation. And Store Pickup Fulfllment is not an exception.
During the Covid-19, Mr. Pet's chain has launched the curbside pickup to serve the customers more safety. However, with the cutback in the number of staffs working in a store square meter (to guarantee 6ft distancing) and a complex process in backend, it’s still hard for Mr. Pet’s store to fulfill such a large number of orders. Here are their top 3 challenge:
  • Challenge 1

    The current pick up process from different stores is too complicated, which causes unexpected mistakes from operation staffs.

  • Challenge 2

    Staff must work on a lot of tools to complete an order including Magento to check order info, Inventory system to check stocks, Internal chat to update with team...

  • Challenge 3

    Magento backend - the single place to fulfill the order is not user friendly. It takes time and make the staffs confusing when there is a long queue pending orders.

With 2 week exploration & consultancy, Retalo has proposed a new order fulfilment process carried out on Magestore PWA POS for the best user interface.

Interact on POS Checkout screen

The new process allows the staff to edit the order & fulfill orders from different stores right on the POS screen, which saves times & reduce stress for operators.

Automate a part of process

For every change/adjustment on orders, all stakeholders & departments are kept informed by auto-message, which can save much time for internal communication.

Instant collaboration for best result

From the first time Mr.Pets shared his intention to edit order for easily fulfillment via different stores, we have kept in touch through several calls to update & share thoughts on the new process.

Our Team Feeling

The happiness of customers can be looked and felt through our eyes. People choose our work because of something matters. And we know we are making value & real impact to our clients.
Going from an idea to realisation is not an easy but a very interesting path. We feel more and more trustful, determined and committed to our initial value: becoming a long term trusted partner & bringing both parties to the higher level.
Emmy Le Business Consultant
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