B2B Mobile Order App

Last updated: 17 April 2018


Retalo is a mobile-centric solution for B2B Commerce and fully centralised data in one complete cloud-based ERP System. Retalo will provide a full solution for 4 most important roles in B2B system:

  • B2B Buyers
  • Sale Representative
  • E-commerce manager
  • Business Owner

This is an ultimate guide for Mobile App for B2B Buyer developed by Retalo team. All the tasks which will be involved in this personalized mobile app by B2B Buyer will be included in this guide, so that you can approach all the useful features better and more insight.

Note: Retalo B2B Buyer App is compatible with iOS 11 and above; Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.


The Retalo B2B Buyer App is compatible with laptops - tablets – mobile phones and is developed using the new PWA (Progressive Web App)technology. This technology helps the web app appear to the user like a native mobile app without downloading from the app store.

To enable the Retalo B2B buyer appearing on the mobile home screen, following the step:

  1. Access to distributor domain site using internet browser from your mobile phone:
  2. From Android smartphone or tablet, tap Add to Home screen to add to home screen
  3. From Apple smartphone or tablet, click Add to Home screen to add to home screen
  4. The app will be displayed in Home screen same icon format as a native mobile app. The buyer can start surfing the app with same native mobile experience.


From distributor domain site, you click Create an Account then Retalo B2B Buyer App will display new window as following:

Please complete required fields:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password


From distributor domain site, you can now insert your registered email and password then click Sign in to access Retalo.io B2B Buyer App.


5.1. How to search product catalog?

After signing in successfully to Retalo.io B2B Buyer App, you can search distributor’s products by using Search function. This helps you to find your product by keywords (product names, types, etc).

5.2. How to view product details?

If you want to look for more details of products, you can press and hold items on product list then new pop up on product detail will display:


6.1. How to add item to cart?

Retalo B2B Buyer App has an interface smiliar to B2C Point of Sales, so that you can easily tap on products to add it to cart. This site will show items which are already added to your cart and total amount to be paid.

If you want to delete items from cart, you slide that product leftward then press Trash can button to delete it.

You can chang quantity order by change number in product detail view.

6.2. How to add shipping address?

If you want to pay your order and get it shipped to your address, you should first click on the amount to be paid on the odering screen.

Then Retalo B2B Buyer App will show a new screen where you can double check your ordered items and fill in your wish shipping address.

6.3. How to submit order?

From shipping address screeen, you click on Proceed to Payment then Retalo.io B2B Buyer App will show list of payment method and you can click Check out to submit your order.

6.4. How to track Order Status?

To track your order, you can click on  on left-handed side then Retalo will show functions for you to manage your activities.

Transactions button will help you track your orders.

Retalo will move you to new screen as below. Now you can see your orders history and keep track of your order through Date of Creation, Order Status (Done, Pending, In Progress and Cancelled), Order Total, Shipping Address and Payment Method:

  • “In Progress” status presents that if either payment or shipping is mark as done, order status will be in progress.
  • Order Status including “Pending” which means that your order is being proceeded by distributor sales representative.
  • “Done” status means that ordered items sent to your shipping address. Your payment is marked as fully paid, so does the Shipping status.
  • If your order is cancelled, status will be marked as “Cancelled”

Order Total will show all order lines and total amount paid.

Shipping address section will show your registered address

6.5. How to reorder?

From Transaction view site, you can choose created purchase order and click on   then choose Reorder that order.

After clicking on Reorder, you will be directed back to add item to cart view so that you can proceed your payment.


From top menu, you can tap Sign out to log out of distributor Retalo B2B Buyer App then new message “Are you sure you want to sign out?” pop up. Tap Yes to sign out.