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A Completely Tailored System for Wholesale Distributors

Centralized Platform

Auto Process

Visibility Across Business

Automate Your Business Process for Fast Growth

Say goodbye to siloed and separate workflows. Cut off labor works & costs and speed up your productivity. Then higher profit will come on & on.

Centralize All Data in a Single System

Easily update customers' account & order history

Make any changes to customers' record and get updated instantly. Your sales reps will sell with more confidence and accuracy knowing they always access the most current info.

Simply upload products and variants

Updated products info will immediately sync to the field. Admin no longer wastes time communicating updates to sales reps via phones, emails or paper materials.

Synchronize pricelists to the field

Keep pricing info always up-to-date and accurate. Sales reps no longer have to remember complex pricing while presenting products at trade shows.

View stock data & busines metrics in a place from multiple devices

All real-time data necessary for your decision-making process will be stored in one convenient & secure platform. More insights in hand, more brilliant decisions will be made.

Cost-efficient Order Fulfillment Workflow

Efficiently handle reservation

From demand & supply picture, you can create supply documents tied with sales orders. This will help you reserve demand-specific supplies, improve fulfillment accuracy and timeliness.

Automated response to supply & demand changes

Keep supply documents updated with the changes from the demand side. You can prevent excess inventory buildup and better match supply to the demand.

Track the status of fulfillment process

Trace every step of reservation, allocation & shipment until the goods are shipped to customers.

Tailor Price & Promotion For Better B2B Return

Assign custom pricelist to different customers

Set up pricelist rules to calculate the right price based on customers conditions

Personalize promotion rules for individual customer

Convince customers to buy more by custom discount. All personalized configurations depend on how close the relationship between you two is.

Make discount for customers based on deposit levels

Set tailored promotion for customers who already deposit. You will encourage them to speed up their payment process.

Maximize Inventory Efficiency

Update stock levels in real time

No longer mismanagement, you can adjust inventory data and sync immediately to the whole team. Sale reps can confidently sell items available without worry about selling out-of-stock ones.

Trace every stock moves between locations

Track serials upstream & downstream stock movement from anywhere in your supply chain.

Access real-time inventory reports

Stay current with clear and insightful reports, you will make more smart decisions about stock replenishment.

Process Multiple Invoicing & Payment Workflow

Create invoice propositions

Draft invoices are generated automatically based on sales orders, timesheets, or delivery orders. All settings are up to you.

Advanced payment terms

Configure and make multiple payments for customers based on an invoice, a quotation or your mutual relationship.

Automate your follow-ups strategy

Make your credit process easily by setting up emails, follow-up letters and tasks automatically.

Manage buyer deposits

Keep track of deposit tickets at the touch of a button. No longer need to reconcile your bank statement.

The Evolution of Ecommerce in Wholesale Distribution

What is the difference between the old school ecommerce system a decade ago and nowadays?
Delving deeper into the evolution of ecommerce in wholesale distribution, you can identify the capabilities necessary for your modern wholesale business.

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