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What makes customers buy? Which promotions work best for distributors? Answers are on your data. Don't let hassles from crunching data stop you from unlocking powerful insights.
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Smart Business Analytics for Distributor Managers

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Interactive Dashboard

Fluid Experience

Gain Full Visibility into Your Business Performance

No more guesswork. Quicker answers to on-demand business questions. Deeper understanding of wholesale growth.

All real-time business metrics in a single place

Review real-time reports complied from disparate data sources. With all necessary business metrics in one place, you can quickly see the big picture and drill down into the details that tells the back story.

Productive Anywhere

Your business performance is at your fingertips. Refresh and analyze all your KPIs anywhere anytime. Interact, filter, sort, and share your insights - all with the touch of your fingers. Also, PWA technology with offline mode can give you uniterrupted access to your data.

Unlock Insights To Reduce Costs & Maximize Profitability

Interactive & ready-made dashboards to act on sales, inventory, finance and promotions activities.

Reduce Inventory Costs

Get a snapshot of your stock levels. Easily compare current & historical data on key factors such as slow and fast-moving products, on-hand value by location, GMROI & turn trends, dead stock & stock out trends.

Optimize Sales Performance

Identify highest value customers, top performing salespeople and most common & profitable product categories. With the big picture, you 'll realize problems & spot chances to keep sales team on target.

Maximize margin

See which pricing strategy & promotion rule have the most desired effect on profitability. You can quickly adjust them to maximize both sales volume and profit.

Improve Finance Health

Take a glance at the top-level profit and loss metrics. Know which area of your business needs attention and you can ensure your business firmly in the black.

Mcommerce Trend: Business Intelligence Dashboard

At the age of "Intelligence Everywhere", An Intelligence Dashboard is a must for every business, especially for B2B companies, those feature with complicated reports.Let discover how a BI Dashboard make B2B reports much easier and simplier to understand.

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